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Chainsaw Sculpture and Pyrography
by artist Cindy Servis
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Cindy has been chainsaw carving since October of 2005.  She has been working in other mediums since her youth.  She prides herself on her woodburning, airbrushing and sculpture and at this time her main medium is wood based artwork. 

She enjoys chainsaw carving and woodburning due to the speed of the product produced and how detailed her artwork can get.  She generally uses 90% chainsaw but is also starting to use other tools for more detailed finishing.  One of her specialties is airbrushing on wood for a unique and realistic finish. 
Cindy goes into each carving with a basic idea in mind but sometimes the ark of a grain or the shape of a certain cut will suggest something that takes the carving in a totally new direction.  Her ability to "see" the creatures she carves in the log and work with and adapt to any small changes in the wood are what sets her artwork apart.

In three short years Cindy has gone from a virtual unknown to a pro carver.  She has three competitons under her belt and placed first place in her third event (Carve A Palooza in Wisconsin) with a carving of grouse and a fox.  She also had the 4th highest carving sold in the prestigious Ridgway Rendezvous in 2008 with her first carving in oak of a horse sliding down rocky terrain.  
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